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Own the Digital Layer

When you buy into the OVER digital layer you own a piece of the future. Whether you hold $OVR tokens or buy OVRLands, you are empowered to shape the AR ecosystem and contribute to the development of spatial computing – the next generation of the Internet.'

OVR Token

Our token $OVR is the currency of the OVER digital layer. Buy land to publish content, purchase 3D assets to populate your virtual real estate, or earn through renting, mapping or staking. A whole new world of opportunities is open to you.


An OVRLand is a spatial domain of 300 sqm that represents a specific geographic location, encoded as an NFT. Just like on the web we have webdomains that grant control on the content of webpages, on OVER we have OVRLand, spatial domains that grant control of the augmented reality (AR) contents that are connected to a unique geographic location. On the web content is published in a flat webpage, on OVER content is published on the reality in 3D. Put it simply, buying an OVRLand is like registering a webdomain, but in space.


Join the global movement to reimagine the physical world. Create immersive digital versions of actual locations, and earn OVR tokens for your efforts. All you need is your smartphone camera.