Over the Reality 2023 Roadmap

OVER is a platform that empowers everybody to augment the physical world with incredible interactive content and experiences.

The platform is built upon three base layers:


To create OVER, we divided the world into 300 sqm hexagons. Called OVRLands, these digital land parcels are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens or NFTs. An OVRLand is a spatial domain, which is best thought of as a web domain, but experienced in immersive 3D. And just like an owned web domain, you control the content. So that every time someone accesses the specific geographic location that is your spatial domain – either physically or remotely – they will see, hear and interact with elements that you want them to experience.


Augmenting the physical world means connecting 3D assets to geographic locations. However, GPS is not enough to achieve the accuracy required for true interactivity and immersiveness. This is a particularly acute problem when indoors.

To solve this, we built the map2earn system that allows users to map the physical world with their own smartphones. Better still, they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

For starters, they’ll own the output from mapping efforts in the form of an NFT, called an OVRMap. OVRMaps can also be bought by other users on the OVER Marketplace. Throughout the year users will be tasked to map iconic locations around the world which will be paid for using OVR tokens. Keep an eye out for opportunities as the year progresses.

Mapped locations will have a localization accuracy of 20 centimetres indoors and outdoors – as opposed to a minimum of 5 metres for GPS outdoors. GPS is effectively useless indoors.

No other platform on the blockchain, nor in the traditional world, can currently achieve this.


OVER currently has two main tools to upload 3D assets into the physical world: a simple drag-and-drop, no-coding-required Web Builder, and a more expressive Unity SDK that enables skilled developers to create interactive environments and complex interactions.

The OVER community has used these tools to create art galleries, games, venues, shopfronts and other immersive environments. They’ve also participated in regular creator competitions, earning thousands in OVR tokens, and populated the physical world with awe-inspiring activations for brands and organizations.

... with so much more to come

In addition to these three base layers, users and creators also enjoy photorealistic avatars, body tracking, NFT clothes, cross-metaverse interoperability, AR treasure hunts, and token staking among other features.

And 2023 promises to take the OVER experience even further. The following roadmap is an overview of the main developments rolling out over the next 12 months, enhanced with updates as the year progresses.

The Roadmap

Over the Reality 2023

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