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Web builder

In addition to enabling map2earn directly from the web builder, we’ll integrate more expressive tools, including some features currently only available on the Unity SDK.

Unity SDK

This year we’ll publish a node interface – Blueprint style – for easier programming of complex interactions. The ability to create token incentivized experiences and games will also be added.

Live Editor

The Live Editor will make it possible to publish geo-localized AR experiences directly from the OVER app. A simple user interface will make it possible to simply drag and drop 3D assets, like NFTs, Sketchfab and other compatible elements onto the physical location you are in.

Light Mapping

The Live Editor will also include a light mapping feature allowing for precise geo-localization of 3D assets to be published on the fly.

AI 3D asset generation

In 2023 we’ll democratize the creation of 3D assets. Users will be able to speak 3D assets into existence thanks to state-of-the-art text-to-mesh algorithms.

NFT games

The Unity SDK is now powerful enough to create interactive AR games on OVER, meaning creators will be able to publish geo-localized AR games represented by NFTs.

Collaborative AR

This year we’ll make creation of an AR asset a shared experience, e.g. the painting of a mural in a public space. A game changer for creativity in the AR metaverse!


We’ll bring persistence to the OVER platform, meaning that AR experiences created by users will become like virtual time capsules, maintaining a ‘memory’ of past interactions.


To empower new creators we’ll release starter kits with intuitive references across different categories, including games, venues, controllable assets, wearables, portals and more.

Creator Directory

This year, each creator will get their own customizable homepage to showcase creative capabilities, past creations, and connect with OVRLand owners as well as the broader OVER community.

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