Goodbye V1: OVER Marketplace V2 is Officially the New Marketplace

Eylül 1, 2022

September is a perfect month for sharing news and we’ll be announcing them over the next few weeks.

Here’s the first one!

We’re happy to announce the release of the new OVER Marketplace. It was previously made available as a beta version on July 22nd. Today, it officially becomes the new OVER Marketplace.

We wanted to create a Marketplace that allows users to conduct OVER related activities, all in one place. Now, you’ll be able to access all the tools you need to start creating engaging experiences in your OVRLands. You’ll also be able to buy, swap, and stake OVR Tokens, keep track of all the active Play-to-Earn games and more.

Same Marketplace. Improved Experience.

What improvements can you expect to see from the new OVER Markplace?

  • A new engine with better performance and development possibilities;
  • An intuitive UI for easier navigation;
  • An improved UX; 
  • Everything OVER all in one place;
  • Light/Dark Mode option.

The Layout

We’ve divided the Marketplace into three main sections. You’ll notice that the main portion is dedicated to OVRland Auctions and OVRLand ownership. To the left, you’ll see:

OVRLands: Primary Market; Secondary Market

Finance: Swap OVR Tokens; Staking

Resources: Play to Earn; OVER Statistics; Whitepaper; Blog; Web Builder; The ARwards

Docs: Github Unity SDK; Control My NFT Guide; Body Standards

Easy Access

Access your OVER account using the “SIGN IN” button on the top right. To purchase OVR Tokens using the RAMP Network simply click on the “BUY OVR” button on the top left.

Try the new OVER Marketplace. Discover a new way to experience the OVER Metaverse.