How to use OVRLive

Temmuz 1, 2021

Note: Make sure you have given OVR the permission to use the camera and your device microphone

  • First, launch the application on your mobile device. Click on OVR LIVE and select the “configure your Avatar” option. 
  • Customise your avatar by clicking the “personalize your face” option→ Upload a photo from your gallery or take an instant photo → click on the image icon on the top right to select your avatar body.

  • Select “Enter OVR LIVE” →  Join any of the live events. You can create a private room or join a random (public room). Once you are in a room, kindly read the directional tutorials for more insights. Click on “skip tutorials” once you have finished.
  • Hover your camera over a surface to kickstart the live event. 

Note: The app must find some key points in the environment to anchor the 3D scene.

  • While in the room, move closer to interact with a friend by moving in your real environment with your phone. You can also click on the Hexa points on the ground of your virtual room to proceed to that point without moving around in your actual environment.
  • While interacting with an avatar, you can reduce the volume of the music and increase the volume of a user.
    Note: Moving closer to a user (in the virtual room) enables you to hear the user clearer (just like in real life).

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