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OVER App release: update your OVER App version!

Haziran 8, 2022

If the previous implementations of cross-metaverse assets brought OVERapp into another level of augmented reality, these ones will definitely make your NFT even more real.

With the last release, we implemented the occlusion in the “My NFT” section. And today, we are proudly announcing that we have upgraded the OVER platform with some improvements and fixes.

Are you ready to read them all?

  1. We have implemented new controls to assign more actions to the “My NFT” section. Thanks to this new feature you can control in AR your collectibles using all the animations contained in the 3d assets.
  2. Our IT technicians also developed OverCanvas support for the experiences created from the Over Unity SDK.
  3. We thought it was a good idea to develop Inference support for experiences created from the Over Unity SDK with a Map2Earn Mapping. And so we did it.
  4. Finally, we solved some bugs and fixes.

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