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OVER App Update: Introducing Real World Occlusion

Mayıs 23, 2022

AR technology is progressing at an unprecedented pace; Apple and Google are investing billions in R&D to equip our smartphones – and soon our smart glasses – with hardware and software capable of blurring the distinction between the physical and virtual world.

We’re happy to announce that leveraging such developments, we’re pushing the envelope of what’s possible in AR with the new version of the OVER app. 

We’re enabling Real World Occlusion, which means that your AR experiences will be aware of your surroundings. The AR experiences will be aware of colliders such as furniture, walls, and people, making those even more realistic and interactive. There’s nothing worse than seeing AR objects crossing walls or being incorrectly projected over people and things, to break the magic spell of AR. 

Well… this is the past! 

The feature is enabled as cross-OS, with both iOS and Android supporting the new feature, yet results may vary depending on the HW your device is provided with. On this first iteration, only collectibles will support real-world occlusion, but with subsequent versions, we will enable the feature to be activated by creators on all of their experiences. 

We can’t wait to see how our community will leverage the real world!

If you have a chance to augment your daily life with something more engaging and fun, what would it be? OVER metaverse is your best bet! With the latest release of the OVER app, you are closer to your fantasies of augmenting your real life with a virtual life without losing the authenticity of your immediate society. This lightens up the recreational aspect of your life. Want to know what’s new? Read on!

Newly Updated OVER App Features. 

  • We have implemented real-world occlusion in the “MY NFT” section. With this new feature, you can cover AR objects with objects and persons physically located in the room.
  • Record short videos or take photos of OVER experiences and save them on your device to share with your friends on social networks.
  • Customise your avatar in augmented reality by previewing it in the real world.
  • Support for new languages.
  • Bugs and fixes.

OVER is positioned as one of the best AR apps in the industry. More improvements are on the way. Meanwhile, go check out these features with your friends and don’t forget to share your experiences. Remember, the app is best enjoyed with friends!