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OVER Avatars powered by Artificial Intelligence set to change gaming forever

OVER Avatars powered by Artificial Intelligence set to change gaming forever


If you’ve ever played a video game in which a quest forms the central narrative, you will have come into contact with a non-player character, or NPC. 

The best NPCs impart timely information to help you on your journey. The most famous – think Ellie from The Last of Us, Elizabeth from Bioshock, or Cortana from Halo – transcend their games to become cultural icons.

However useful their presence, your experience with NPCs is likely to have been a largely one-sided affair, with the information or responses you receive being the product of prepared scripts and programming.

With the emergence of avatars powered by artificial intelligence, that’s all about to change.


Introducing OVER AI Avatars

In a recent blog post, we explained how we have developed our own open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) in response to the inadequacies of the closed-source OpenAI ChatGPT.

In the coming months, we will enable our community to tap into the power of these models by creating their own personalized avatars. 

The OVER version of AI avatars will include memories of all the past interactions and the ability to expand their knowledge by accessing the web. It will also be possible to add to their artificial brains a large and customizable collection of external knowledge, like entire law books, brand storytelling, FAQs, or your own personal history.

And OVER AI avatars won’t just be talking heads. In fact the LLMs we’re using do not only output the text that is synthesized in the avatar’s voice, but also its actions and facial expressions in keeping with the conversation.

Now, when you apply this to the medium of video games, the opportunities for new forms of storytelling, interactions and even different outcomes for different players increase exponentially!


Lose yourself in the worlds of The Lost Wallet

The Lost Wallet is an immersive game involving 24 quests in 24 weeks across various metaverse platforms – including OVER – and it marks the first appearance of our AI-powered avatars. The grand prize is CryptoPunk #2672, with an estimated value of €120k euros, so if you enjoy games, are good with puzzles and have the stamina to see this through to the end, it’s definitely worth your while.

From today you’ll be able to take part in our chapter of the game and interact with five OVER AI avatars scattered across the physical world, to solve the latest piece of the puzzle. 

You’ll need to find these characters in the correct order and ask them the right questions to receive the hints that will help you discover the secret word hidden in the OVER ecosystem.

The Lost Wallet is one of the most interesting cross-metaverse initiatives so far, highlighting a key principle of the Web3 ethos: collaboration instead of competition between platforms. 

To be part of The Lost Wallet and showcase our AI avatars for the first time is incredibly exciting, but not half as exciting as what we have planned for the coming year and beyond.


Download the OVER App and experience AI Avatars for yourself!