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OVER map2earn™ – July winners

OVER map2earn™ – July winners


How can you join?

To participate in the monthly map2earn™ challenge and win 1000 OVR tokens, you have to create and submit at least 10 unique and successful OVRMaps for 10 different OVRLands. Once you have completed a map, be sure to select ‘public’ when prompted.

Randomly selected winners using Chainlink VRF will share a prize pool of 10K OVR tokens. Mapping an owned OVRLand increases x 3 your chances of winning. View the tutorial in the map2earn™ section of the app if you haven’t mapped before.

Be sure to check out the new rules for mapping for next month’s competition.

More info at our GitHub


If you’re a winner, collect your prize by going to your profile inside the OVER Marketplace and selecting OVR Rewards in the menu bar. Remember to connect your wallet to the Polygon network to receive your tokens.

You have two weeks from the date winners are announced to claim your prize. You can only claim your prize if you have completed KYC verification. To do that now, click here.

Here are the 10 winners for July: