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Unlocking New Possibilities: The OVER Gate Console Update

Unlocking New Possibilities: The OVER Gate Console Update


OVER once again stretches the boundaries of content creation in the AR metaverse ecosystem with the latest update to the OVER Gate Console—powerful software that allows event creators to stream content in real time on OVER virtual lands. This update, coming with version 1.4.11 of the OVER App, introduces exciting features that promise to enhance the live event experience in new and exciting ways.

‘Ask to Speak’ – a game-changer for collaboration

Communication is at the heart of every shared experience, and the new ‘Ask to Speak’ feature in the OVER Gate Console takes it to the next level. With this setting enabled, you can now mute everyone in your virtual environment, allowing them to speak only when they raise their hands. This feature is a game-changer for live gatherings, conferences, and other group interactions.

Seamless screen sharing

Another exciting addition is the ability to seamlessly share your screen on an element within the experience, such as a virtual TV.

The implications are vast. You can now further personalize the event experience by putting yourself in the room. For businesses making use of the technology, they can conduct virtual presentations with ease, showcase work to colleagues or friends, or even watch a video together. The feature offers new possibilities for how we interact and collaborate in the OVER digital layer.

Webcam Body Tracking – bringing AR to life

Body tracking has been a long sought-after feature and the Console update delivers on this front. Now, users can track their movements using a webcam or camera connected to their PC. This brings their movements and gestures into the event space, adding a dose of realism to proceedings.

Imagine dancing, playing sports, or even practising yoga, with your every move accurately mirrored in the virtual environment. It’s a step closer to achieving that all-important sense of presence and immersion.

Breaking boundaries, reshaping what’s possible

With this latest update to the Console, OVER continues to pave the way for the future of virtual events. Get ready to dive into a new dimension of shared experiences! 


Learn more about the OVER Gate Console and download it here.

Download the latest version of the OVER app.