ENS domains are now available in the OVER Marketplace.

12月 30, 2022

Over the Reality proudly announces a new naming system for the OVER Metaverse: “One word DNS.” 

One of the goals of this DNS system is to offer anyone the opportunity to secure the unique name they want. This is also an occasion for organizations to get their branding and words relevant to their business and a chance to predict the most exciting and in-demand names in the Marketplace.


Secure your favorite ovr.eth 

Everyone can now purchase a name that reflects their personality to identify their OVRLand the experiences created on it. 

This ENS is a Blockchain domain naming protocol built for the Ethereum Blockchain, and its use allows customers to create a readable and easy-to-understand OVRLand name.

Since the launch of this new feature, many words have gone viral.

So if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to choose your space domain, hurry!


Choosing the perfect domain name is critical for the future

While the DNS market has become somewhat commoditized, space domains, such as those you can buy now on OVER Marketplace, are in their infancy and offer excellent opportunities for the future.


In addition, by registering a domain, you are investing in a digital property, an NFT.


Although the Internet is becoming increasingly saturated as companies go digital, those interested in a domain have almost unlimited growth available to tap into the metaverse and spatial domains. As a result, new opportunities exist for companies to represent their digital presence in a world with new customers.


The perfect domain

The fascinating aspect of this process is the creativity and foresight that can be used to identify the perfect name for everyone. The number of people interested in ENS domains is steadily increasing. As a result, many of the most popular domains have already been taken. 


If you are interested in purchasing your domain, wait no longer.

Visit the dedicated page of the OVER market. 


Search among the domains still available for the one you prefer.

Grab domains before others do!