Fashion Meets AR. OVER Marketplace Opens to NFT Wearables

11月 15, 2022

Over the Reality opens the OVER Marketplace to clothes and accessories for the first time. Starting today, OVER users will finally be able to define their digital identity with more avatar customization.

This launch is epic for three main reasons:

  • It allows users to choose and purchase 3D clothes designed by international 3D creators and digital stylists to express their unique style. 
  • It allows users to purchase exclusive, valuable collectibles to start or implement their collection of digital goods.
  • OVER debuts its first collection of NFT wearables.

Expand your OVER wardrobe, expand yourself

The OVER community can purchase and digitally wear creations designed by 3D artists and fashion brands with the new OVER Marketplace feature. 

Colors, materials, art, and technology come together to create unique items, and without dress codes, users can better express their digital identity. 

OVER wants to support this ideology and pursue it with this update. In addition, it wants to establish itself as a point of reference for disseminating the 3D creations of designers and fashion brands.

Creators, collectors, and users can share and showcase the NFTs they have created or purchased. But, most importantly, they can experience the Metaverse as a more integrated space in their own reality, choosing to represent themselves as they wish to be seen by others.

OVER’s NFT wearables collection

Over the Reality is pleased to announce the launch of its first 3D NFT wearables collection. The OVER Early Bird collection contains clothing for women and men, all in the OVER theme.

Each item of clothing has a specific price and rarity level that is visible in the OVER Marketplace.

Express yourself. Define your style in the OVER Metaverse.

Go to the OVER Marketplace!