Introducing the OVER GATE Console

1月 2, 2023

Create your AR events in the OVER Metaverse

Over the Reality is thrilled to announce the release of a new Desktop App: OVER GATE Console. 


OVER wants users to create meetings and encounter opportunities without physical or technological barriers. Thus, the team ideated, designed, and made a free desktop app through which you can easily organize and manage every event.


In the OVER Metaverse, you can take advantage of interactive content and create live events to meet people and interact with them in a new, immersive way. 


One tool, endless opportunities

This solution allows for organizing, managing, and customizing live events worldwide by leveraging augmented reality’s advantages.

In fact, the application is specially designed to allow easy adaptability to various events, so you can upload the environment you prefer. Therefore, the Console can be used not just by private users but also by companies for organizing events such as:

  • Presentation of new products, 
  • Meetings with employees from foreign locations,
  • Conferences for various stakeholders.

OVER GATE Console can host music concerts and DJ sets thanks to the specially designed audio control panel. 


But what makes it really special?


Users invited to participate will not be simple passive spectators. Instead, they can be actively involved in the event. In the OVER Metaverse, it is possible to participate in events through the photorealistic avatar that allows you to have your own digital identity and style. 

The desktop-app also allows users to teleport their full body in the metaverse using the Rokoko motion tracking suit.

How does the OVER GATE Console work?

The interface includes only three sections in which you can manage everything: the audio, your avatar, and the event rooms.

You have to follow four easy steps to throw your first metaverse event:

  1. Download the application to your computer
  2. Log in with your OVER credentials
  3. Choose the OVRLand (among those in your possession)
  4. Manage the audio, avatar, and rooms. 

There is no limit on the number of users you can invite to the event. 


Don’t you have an OVRLand where to do your Live Event? There is no problem! 

OVER has decided to allow even those who do not yet have their own OVRLand to try this App!


You only need to download the OVER App and sign up. 

By accessing it, you can try the OVER GATE Console for a limited time for free. 


Listen to good music, be part of product showcases, listen to speeches, attend meetings, and go party. These things await you in the OVER Metaverse, where you have plenty of opportunities to make the most.


Populate OVER with your events!