Map2Earn: A Step Forward with the New Release

11月 17, 2022

Our Map2Earn Project is our biggest one yet and we are excited about this new release.


There are many projects that attempt to build an AR version of our physical world. These projects use GPS to obtain location data, however, the accuracy of GPS systems is only within a six-meter precision – in outdoor spaces. Map2Earn has much better accuracy.

Map2Earn significantly solves a fundamental problem related to the geolocalization of digital assets, in the real world.

Alpha Version

Map2Earn is in the Alpha version. Currently, a crowd of OVRLands Owners were selected to test our mapping system. Alpha testing is crucial to finding bugs and errors and to solving them before public release.

How does it work?

The Map2Earn system addresses the issue of high location discrepancy through images that users take with their smartphones.


The system processes the images through AI and creates a 3D map of a specific location in the physical world.


The system generates three elements: 

  • A Fly Through;
  • A 3D point cloud;
  • A re-localization service for AR with 20 cm accuracy.


OVER has increased the localization accuracy from 6 meters to 20 centimeters without any Lidar or other expensive tools.

A Step Forward with the New Release

This new release brings us one step closer to our goal: to develop the best system so users can map the highest number of OVRLands.


It will now be possible to display the fly-through created by the mapping in the OVER Marketplace.


Users will now be able to search for any OVRLand and see its technical data. OVRLands that have been mapped will have a video of the generated fly-through.


Stay updated on the Map2Earn system and all our new features.

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