New OVER App Release

12月 23, 2022

We have just released some new and exciting features in the OVER App. 

This release includes not only the Map2Earn Beta Versione but other different improvements such as UI developments and the preview in-App for your OVER Experiences.

Map2Earn Beta Version

Map2earn objective is not to rebuild google maps but to create the most extensive web3-based, 3D map of important locations in the world, indoor and outdoor places visited by humans with a smartphone instead of cars and satellites. 

Check the landing page to dive into the revolution of AR. 

One Word domain support

We have implemented the One Word domain support.

Set the preview of your Experience

You now have the opportunity to create and set your video preview for the OVRLand experiences. Go to the OVRLand where you uploaded your AR Experience, join it, click the button on the bottom left, and then set preview.

New UI

The new UI includes:

  • New Joystick UI is used to control the avatar in the remote experience, currently only available in the My NFT section.
  • New menu UI: we have added the Map2Earn and Avatar buttons. It will be easier for you to map your OVRLands and create your photorealistic avatar.

New faces for the photorealistic avatars

We have added 10 standard faces. If you don’t set your photorealistic avatar, the system will automatically assign one of them.

Support for NFT wearables with two materials

The new release also consists of improvements for the NFT Wearables, because we have added the support for NFT wearables with two materials.

Play2Earn and Treasure Hunt

There are new features for Play2Earn and Treasure Hunt too. It is no longer necessary to take over the plan. Once logged in, the map will open automatically, and the floor will be detected automatically when a collectible is found.

Metamask update

Metamask pairing is back on Apple! You can connect your wallet by adding it to your profile section.


Such many new features!

Update – or download – your OVER App and discover all the points.