The AR revolution starts now. Map2Earn Beta Version

12月 14, 2022

Over the Reality has broken the current technical limitation of the AR  use cases by building up the 3D map of the world: Map2Earn.

The positioning of a 3D asset has to be detected by precise instruments capable of acknowledging where you are at that moment or where you want to position the 3D assets. One way to do this is through GPS, but this system is inaccurate.

Map2Earn: the revolution of AR Metaverse

OVRLand Mapping or Map2Earn is a proprietary AI system that uses a set of photos to generate:

  • 3D Pointcloud: Empower creators with a precise visual reference of the actual 3D structure of the locations they want to augment with AR experiences.


  • AI Neural Render: Leverage state-of-the-art computer vision to create a digital twin of mapped locations. Create impressive fly-through simulations of your OVRMaps.


  • Precise Geolocalization: Map2earn creates a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. It allows for the accurate localization of AR assets both indoors and outdoors.


This system allows greater accuracy in surveying in both outdoor and indoor locations:

  • Outdoors: a scanned OVRLand with Map2Earn will have a localization precision down to 20 cm. Before this system, the localization accuracy was around 6 meters.


  • The indoor accuracy allows users to map even closed locations. Geolocalized experiences are now possible also indoors where GPS is inaccurate.


No expensive tools or Lidar are needed to use this system, just the smartphone you have in your pocket. Once mapped, one can create digital twins of the world and dive into it.

The web3-based 3D map of the world

OVER goal is to create a 3D map of the entire planet based on Web 3.0. Knowing, however, that the world is vast, we will start by encouraging the mapping of the prestigious areas of the Earth.


Which is the best part of Map2Earn?


You can own the 3D structure of locations mapped with your smartphone.

The Web 3.0 paradigm allows you to read, write, and own digital things. 


The AR revolution has begun. 


Enter the OVER Metaverse and help create the 3D map of the planet.

Download the OVER App, and let’s map the world together!