Token 2049 London Edition: AR, Map2Earn, and more

11月 16, 2022

OVER’s participation in London’s premier crypto event drew attention to its AR Metaverse, and Map2Earn.


Token 2049 attendees who visited OVER’s booth were more familiar with virtual reality (VR)  when it came to knowledge about the Metaverse. When they realized that the OVER Metaverse primarily focused on augmented reality (AR), many asked why. Three main reasons were given for choosing AR:

  1. AR technology provides a precise geographic location for 3D assets in the real world;
  2. Information can be linked to a 3D asset using AR and is easily viewed;
  3. AR over the physical world allows for a more open platform that can be accessed by users for interaction and engagement.

In other words, AR gives users a new way of interacting with information while never having to remove their attention from the physical world. 


Map2Earn, the Gateway to the Open AR Metaverse

Diego Di Tommaso, COO and Co-founder of OVER, presented a captivating presentation during Token 2049. In his talk, he discussed key take-aways:


  • How Map2Earn is vital for the development of an AR Metaverse;
  • Why OVRLand mapping is a building block of the AR Metaverse;
  • The advantage of using AR for 3D mapping – only a smartphone is needed. 

Goal of Map2Earn

Through Map2Earn, OVER wanted to provide the easiest way to onboard users into Web3, to contribute to the AR Metaverse, and to have ownership and a sense of pride for their mapping efforts.  


OVER’s attendance at Token 2049 London proved to be a great opportunity for industry leaders, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and global media to learn about the company. It also gave our co-founders the chance to establish new relationships and expand OVER’s network.

OVER will continue to strengthen its presence and contribution to the Web3 space. The future of an open Metaverse lies in AR and creating an interoperable platform for others to join, and build upon. 


Be part of the AR Metaverse! 

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