Xmas Play2Earn: Over the Reality dresses up for the festive season

12月 2, 2022

A new all-Christmas edition of OVER Play2Earn has begun and will run until the 19th of December. The innovative Over the Reality game allows users to discover the metaverse and technology related to the AR and Web 3.0 world through play and adventure.

Play2Earn: the game that lets you learn more about the AR metaverse

With its name Xmas Play2Earn, this new edition immerses participants in the OVER Metaverse decked out for the holidays. Users have until the 19th of December to collect as many presents as possible.

The more presents collected, the better chance they have of winning the prizes, which will be explained below. 

The aim of the game, however, is not only to award prizes to users but, above all, to bring people closer to the world of AR technology.

OVER’s Play2Earn takes users to walk in the real world and collect 3D assets scattered around the globe. This mechanism allows users to get in touch with the digital layer without being estranged from the world in which they live. This game lets them have genuine experiences embedded in the context in which they are. Over the Reality’s goal is to create a bridge between the virtual and the real world, fostering the enrichment of the latter through the development and inclusion of digital assets.

Xmas Play2Earn: all you need to know

The Christmas edition, which started on the 29th of November, will run until the 19th of December. The winners’ list will be released a few days later, starting on the 21st of December. 

This time, hunters are called upon to collect presents specially decorated with a Christmas theme. They need to download the OVER App and click on the banner, to join the game.

But what are the prizes up for grabs this time?

OVER has raffled off a total prize pool of $2,000 in OVR Tokens for this edition.

The top 10 will win $200 in OVR Tokens and a Christmas wearable from OVER’s collection. Those finishing from 11th to 30th place will receive a wearable drawn randomly as a prize.

The Christmas collection contains three men’s and three women’s 3D clothes. The 3D clothes will be awarded by drawing lots. The OVER collection is a special edition for this Xmas Play2Earn. Therefore, you have to participate in the game to get the clothes.

Xmas Play2Earn: the winners!

Here are the 30 winners. Congrats to all of them!

  1. a037b3e2-6873-11eb-af88-00163e0053f7 vacunemoslessi
  1. 3616fe60-70c2-11ed-8b3c-4edbc3abcaca masiku
  1. 7ae436bd-54a3-4730-814f-76f87465d4db cumacum2
  1. 520d7283-d71d-48c3-9766-4b16baddc86c hamed1323
  1. bc749b33-9de1-4cfa-8577-b17dceef5813 bluejoker
  1. 4e226489-47cb-462c-930f-95f0eebc2cb6 garshasp097
  1. 77c847f5-b177-4db4-8d1a-67e9bd6408bf jadidmohammad
  1. 87671cd4-aead-4cec-bc07-ef4c2a036722 manuchehr62
  1. 8688a84c-fe2d-4630-80a4-442c6cd83333 ghasemi
  1. c898ed3d-5629-4a90-a8bf-51d992cd32a2 farhad25
  1. aebab647-ccbf-4099-9ca2-e8a2ef937f6e iamblessed
  1. 150f0c4c-7526-11eb-af8b-00163e0053f7 jordikule
  1. e864aa32-a525-11eb-bbd7-00163e0053f7 balmona
  1. d0174fbe-89ca-11eb-9d93-00163e0053f7 carflin
  1. a7478a2a-5563-11ed-ad44-b286d8b7ceaf Ernesto Fernandez
  1. 0e91c7c5-a774-49c4-aa81-d5d82dd0f099 digoolivira
  1. 8271ea9f-312f-467e-8028-251b2a1f2f90 mohammadjavad81
  1. 21cbcea1-3ffd-471b-83da-51ca0fa06286 tinoaljorra
  1. 7e24c49a-fa40-11eb-81cc-a398234c858c ruahaur2
  1. 8e902f36-66dc-11eb-af88-00163e0053f7 patas
  1. c476e173-b1e1-429d-9fcc-2aba66417323 toni0123
  1. 61422b9e-bc9c-4553-b08b-8ba0132b02a4 herewego
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  1. e74f286c-60bc-11ed-8779-be446ae149df ata2022
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