3D digital assets can now be minted and sold on the OVER Marketplace

January 30, 2023

As part of a broad program to boost and support the OVER creator community, we’re excited to announce the introduction of 3D Assets on the Marketplace.


Designers of digital assets will be able to mint their creations on the OVER platform and make them available for purchase on the Marketplace. They’ll sit alongside NFTs of assets created by the OVER team that currently exist on the platform.


Creators will retain 95% of revenues from sales of their work. And these pieces will be linked to a brand new directory, launching soon, dedicated to further showcasing the efforts of digital creators.


In time we’ll also be enabling the purchase of NFTs directly from the OVER app using Google Pay and Apple Pay.


Minting and selling digital creations on the OVER Marketplace is just the start of a key initiative to make OVER a hot-bed of creativity in the AR space, says OVER COO Diego Di Tommaso.


“The creator community in the metaverse is one of our main focuses this year,” he says. “With the 3D Asset Marketplace and Creator Directory, plus a ton of other fantastic tools featured on our roadmap, OVER is fast becoming the home for creators in the metaverse.”


Check out the OVER assets now for sale on the Marketplace and get minting your own 3D Assets to add to the collection for others to enjoy.


As always, stay tuned to the OVER blog and social channels for more updates and releases of groundbreaking creator features in 2023.