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Fashion Meets AR: Express Yourself in the OVER Metaverse

Fashion Meets AR: Express Yourself in the OVER Metaverse


Define and refine your Digital Identity with greater avatar customization.


We have expanded OVER’s avatar wardrobe with a new app feature that allows 3D content creators and fashion brands to design assets for your avatar.  The previous version offered standard clothing items and pre-set outfits that prevented users from truly expressing their unique style.

We see the AR Metaverse as a platform where art, design, and technology intersect and we want to nurture this convergence.


This new feature:
Promotes the creativity and passion of our creator community

– Offers 3D artists an opportunity to explore augmented reality and NFTs

Opens a doorway for fashion brands to create and engage

– Gives users more ways to express themselves

Kickstarts OVER’s digital economy


A dedicated space for NFT Wearables 

You can purchase 3D avatar fashion items (NFT Wearables) in the OVER Marketplace. 

Creators and brands will have dedicated sections for users to purchase NFT fashion items. 


Who do you want to be in Web3?

Jump into the OVER Metaverse. Start defining your Digital Identity.