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One million OVER users – how we got here

One million OVER users – how we got here


The facts, figures and highlights from four incredible years (yep, just four years!)

In January 2019, founders Davide Cuttini and Diego Di Tommaso published the OVR White Paper – a document outlining their vision for the ultimate AR metaverse. Ambitious as the white paper and its roadmap were, neither Davide or Diego could have predicted the phenomenal growth that recently culminated in the OVER metaverse reaching one million global users.


To celebrate this achievement, let’s take a look back at a selection of OVER’s most notable milestones, events and releases.


March – Davide and Diego visit China on their first road show, promoting OVR to potential investors and partners

May 18th 

– Launch of the OVR App in Google Play and Apple Store

– First ever Treasure Hunt launched 


June – OVRLive goes… live. Users start creating their own personalized avatars in the OVR metaverse

November 30th – Launch of Initial Bond Curve Offering (IBCO) and OVR marketplace

Dec 1st – First OVRLand sold and minted in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo


March – OVR Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Bridge goes live

April – Launch of OVR Builder and the first OVR Art Gallery Exhibition

April 30th – Records are broken as the Eiffel Tower OVRLand fetches 38.6 ETH at auction

October – The first Play-to-Earn NFT Treasure Hunt, with the Doge Pound, goes live

December 9 – 500K OVRLands sold


January – Polygon migration starts, with 776.5k OVRLands minted on Polygon by the end of February

April 1 – OVR integrates The Sandbox 3D Assets. Three days later, the first cross-metaverse contest with The Sandbox starts

April 7 – OVR re-brands to OVER

December – map2earn Beta launched, heralding a new era in mapping for the world



– OVER and Decentraland launch ‘linked wearables’ as part of the second Metaverse Fashion Week

– OVER reaches one million users

As of today, 863k OVRLands have been sold, 1.5mln OVRLands have been explored, and 37 OVR App upgrades have been completed.

The journey continues. Visit the Roadmap to see what we have in store for the rest of 2023.