OVER’s AR Catwalk in Milan Heralds New Era For Digital Fashion

OVER’s AR Catwalk in Milan Heralds New Era For Digital Fashion


The Hybrid Fashion Show, part of Metaverse Fashion Week, took place in the iconic Piazza del Duomo, and attracted brands including Pinko, Space Runners x Balmain, Pet Liger, Ecoolska, XR Couture, PwC Italy, Forbes, and Ilona Song in collaboration with Vogue Singapore.

Guests included traditional and cutting-edge fashion brands, media, representatives from Diesel, Lamborghini and the Israel Economic Mission to Italy, as well as Korea’s first virtual influencer, Rozy Oh. From their vantage point on Terrace 21, overlooking the piazza, they witnessed an unforgettable display of digital wearables.

Emerging from behind the imposing Milan Cathedral, giant virtual models traversed the square, adorned with the cutting-edge designs of participating brands. Rotating in the air above the tourists were Space Runners x Balmain and Pet Liger shoe models, part of the Gucci VAULT project. 

The AR catwalk was experienced through smart devices loaded with the OVER App. The experience was made possible by map2earnⓇ, which allows OVER users and the creator community to create a three-dimensional record of locations and place or “geolocate” digital assets in space with an accuracy of 20 centimeters, far superior to that of traditional GPS.

For the assembled guests, it all translated into a seamless display that put the focus on the creations. For co-founder and COO, Diego Di Tommaso, it is this emphasis on the output of the OVER platform that drives the company’s efforts.

“The pride I feel standing here today is not simply about being part of an event like Metaverse Fashion Week, it’s about being champions of the Web3 ethos, which at its heart is user-led,” said Di Tommaso. “I like to think that AR is pushing us into a golden age. One of great ambition, feverish creativity and limitless possibilities.”

“The idea is to create the new web,” said co-founder and CEO, Davide Cuttini, expanding on the game-changing potential of AR. “We are passing from 2D content to 3D experiences. We envision a future where we’ll wake up in the morning and put on smart glasses … augmenting our reality with entertainment, with information, with work tools, with personal assistants. [In this respect] fashion is ahead compared to other industries.”


Attendees echoed these sentiments.

“The event unlocked a new level of experience and brought digital fashion to a whole new stage,” said Stefano Galassi, Innovation Advisor to Cambridge University and the Metaverse Fashion Council. “This is the time to build, experiment and create.”

“I was impressed by the vision of the company, creating a new and simple way to merge the physical and the virtual,” said Jonathan Hadar, Head of Israel’s Economic Mission in Italy. “We are happy to be working with OVER to connect them with the advanced Israeli metaverse ecosystem.”

“This is an exciting time for brands, exploring new possibilities to expand beyond their cities and create live satellite shows for audiences worldwide through the power of AR,” said Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director at PINKO, and part of the event’s panel of speakers, along with designer Ilona Song, Matteo Bonente from PwC Italy and Layla Pavone from the Municipality of Milan.

Commenting at the conclusion of the speaker session, Layla Pavone summed up the feelings of guests, wowed by the display of AR fashion. “Congratulations to OVER, it was unbelievable. We want to have you in Milano, 365 days, not just today.”

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