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How to earn rewards when you Map The World in 3D

How to earn rewards when you Map The World in 3D


Explore the various ways to earn $OVR tokens in this rewards deep dive…

When you Map The World in 3D you pave the way for the creation of highly accurate and immersive augmented reality experiences. You also create a digital twin of the location which can be experienced remotely, in a fly-through video or in real time.

Add OVER’s map2earn™️ rewards mechanic and that’s when you really start to see the benefits of being involved.

map2earn™️ – Make maps, earn rewards

Mapping activity remains open to everyone, however map2earn™️ rewards will be active only on selected locations. There are two types of locations which will be clearly marked on the map2earn™️ map:

  • OVRLands that are owned by the OVER community
  • Additional locations of significance, including those with landmarks, found on the Open Street Map

By mapping a location you create four ways to win OVR tokens:

  1. Direct Payments—based on the value of the mapped location. Direct payments apply only to owned OVRLands
  2. Major Prize Draw—the more maps you make, the more entries you submit to potentially share in $100,000 worth of OVR tokens. Winners are selected randomly via Chainlink
  3. Monthly Prize Draw—a continuation of our current Mapper Challenge, with winners selected randomly via Chainlink
  4. Treasure Hunt—check your completed maps for random distributed hidden bonuses

It’s important to note:

  • Direct rewards only apply to owned OVRLands
  • The Prize Draws and Treasure Hunt rewards apply to both owned OVRLands and additional locations from the Open Street Map

1. Direct Payments

These rewards are distributed geographically, but not all lands are created equal:

  • Only minted or owned OVRLands will have rewards attached to them
  • Minted OVRLands will vary in price, based on location and density of minted lands
  • Rewards are in OVR tokens and the amount will be adjusted monthly according to the OVR<>USD exchange rate
  • Rewards will also be adjusted by country

2. Major Prize Draw

Every map you make counts as an entry ‘ticket’ to the major prize draw and $100k of OVR tokens.

Four maps will be drawn randomly via Chainlink, with 90% of the prize going to the mapper and 10% going to the owner of the mapped land.

The OVR tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 1st prize – 50%
  • 2nd – 30%
  • 3rd – 15%
  • 4th – 5%

There are a few important points to note:

  • The prize needs to be unlocked, and so the community is required to create 500,000 approved maps from the start of the Map The World initiative
  • You can increase your chances of winning 2X by mapping land that you own. You can either already own it or buy the land on the OVER Marketplace before the final prize draw
  • Eligible maps can be those made from owned owned OVRLands and additional locations from the Open Street Map

3. Monthly Prize Draw

This is a continuation of the monthly Mapper Challenge. 10 maps are randomly chosen via Chainlink, with the mapper of each map winning 1000 OVR tokens. As with the Major Prize Draw, eligible maps can be those made from owned OVRLands and additional locations from the Open Street Map.

But we’ve added a twist for owners of OVRLands—if the first mapped location chosen is owned, that landowner also will receive 10% of the Monthly Prize Draw.

4. Treasure Hunt

Some OVRLands—from either owned OVRLands or additional locations from the Open Street Map—will contain a hidden prize, ranging from $1 to $1250 (with maximum booster multiplier) worth of OVR tokens. Mappers can check if the land has a prize once the map has been approved.

Important to remember:

Withdrawing payments and prizes
You will need to have made 10 approved maps before you can withdraw any earned tokens. And once you’ve withdrawn tokens, that number resets—meaning you have to make another 10 approved maps before you can withdraw any more tokens.

NOTE: To withdraw on-chain OVR tokens you’ll need to submit and pass KYC verification, or proof of identity.

You can also choose to leave your rewards untouched. There are benefits to this, specifically boosting your earnings…

Boosting your earnings
Hanging onto your rewards activates the Booster. The Booster works in a couple of ways:

  • It multiplies your earnings on mapped lands that contain a hidden prize through the Treasure Hunt
  • It multiplies your entries to the Monthly and Major Prize Draws

Booster points are accrued based on how many tokens you hold and how long you hold them. 

It’s important to note that if you withdraw any amount of your tokens at any time, your Booster points reset to one.

If you haven’t already done so, Get your Invitation Code and Start Earning!

Keep an eye out in the usual OVER channels for updates, plus more ways to win as the campaign progresses. And remember to set notifications at the OVER Twitter account. Good luck!