OVER Roadmap Deep Dive

August 23, 2022

Map2Earn Alpha: Mapping and re-localization of the experiences for 300 Alpha testers. Have a glance at our dedicated article: https://www.overthereality.ai/blog/introducing-ovrland-mapping/

Reserved OVRLands Farming: OVER Staking for 6/9/12 months enables users to earn additional benefits. They can bid on reserved auctions for Special OVRLands (Colosseum, Taj Mahal, etc …). Each user has a number of credits equal to their staking capital multiplier* staking time. 

Polygon Integration – OVRLands Minting: OVER’s ecosystem was born on Ethereum and to resolved the high gas fees we introduced a Light Minting functionality which saved the property of OVRLands on a Merkle Proof. Such a system eliminated the minting gas costs but also added a centralization vector. With the Polygon integration, we were finally able to mint all of the OVRLands that were previously saved on Ethereum Merkle Proofs, as ERC-721 NFTs. This not only increased the decentralization of the system but also enables other existing functionalities such as decentralized secondary markets, renting smart contracts, NFT content linking, and more!

Decentralized OVRLands Secondary Market: Deployment of the OVER decentralized secondary market on Polygon; all OVRLand NFTs are now automatically listed on OpenSea and NFTrade. For OVRLands already minted on Ethereum, there is support for the migration to Polygon by offsetting the transfer gas cost with $6 in OVR Tokens on Polygon. 

Read more about it on our blog: https://www.overthereality.ai/blog/ovrland-ownership-layer-is-now-fully-operational-on-polygon/.

Avatar Body Standard – Open Source Avatar Clothing: Standard 3D Male and Female Avatar bodies enable creators to build personalized NFT clothes that can be worn by OVER Avatars. If you are interested in creating NFT wearables please review the OVER Guidelines to ensure that your work gets easily approved. You can download the Standard 3D Avatar bodies using the following link to start creating your designs: https://docs.overthereality.ai/over-avatar-body-standard-for-clothes/.

Live Events Desktop Broadcaster – Full Body Motion Tracking: A Desktop App for live event management with 3 main functions: 

  • Support for multiple sound sources;
  • Rokoko motion tracking suit;
  • Moderation of participants. 

Unity SDK Alpha 0.0.1: Thanks to OVER Unity SDK Alpha you can:

  • Integrate major 3D model formats (fbx, dae, 3ds, dxf, and obj);
  • Create new interactions and animations;
  • Take advantage of physics directly from Unity.

To find out about all the available scripts in the first release, head over to this blog post: https://www.overthereality.ai/blog/ovr-unity-sdk-alpha-is-now-available/.

Proof of Attendance NFTs (POAP): Integration of the POAPs Distributor Asset in the web builder.

What are POAPs? 

POAPs are digital badges that prove you attended an event and are created using the ERC-721 token standard. The benefits of using POAPs are:

  • Event organizers connect directly with attendees to establish strong relationships;
  • Attendees earn an NFT by scanning the QR Code;
  • Attendees get a digital memorabilia of the event.

Since POAPs are immutable, ownership of one proves permanently that you attended an event.

NFT Trackers/Explorers OVRLands Listing: Other NFT trackers/explorers (such as OpenSea and NFTrade) and marketplaces now list OVRLands.

Virtual Commerce Asset Bundle: Release of the virtual commerce asset bundle on the web builder, called OVER Store. You can now use it as a template, or select different parts to create your own virtual store.

Open the link to start using it: https://builder.ovr.ai/projects/create.

RAMP Network – USA CC Payments: OVR Tokens integration into the Ramp Network. This integration enables global users to buy OVR Tokens with a Credit Card – USA included! Users will also be able to use Apple Pay and Bank Transfers!

IPFS Hosting – Alpha: The acronym IPFS stands for Inter-Planetary File System, which allows the storage of webpages and data across a network of computers. In other words, it is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace, connecting all computing devices. The main difference between this protocol and a centralized system is that your data will have no single point of failure. Thanks to the distributed system, even if a host goes offline, your data is still available through other redundant hosts. That’s why we use it to save all OVRLand assets, further decentralizing the OVER platform.

Boson Protocol Integration: We are working on advancing our partnership with Boson Protocol. Boson Protocol is an exchange mechanism that lets anyone trade physical products for on-chain value through a commitment to exchange (NFTs). 

3D Assets NFT Minting: Creation of a dedicated space for 3D asset creators. We want to give visibility to talented artists who want to conquer the OVER Metaverse. Approved content will be published on the blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and listed in the official OVER Marketplace

3D Clothes NFT Minting: Creation of a dedicated program through which 3D clothes creators can design and sell their creations in the OVER Metaverse

OVRBrains Sale: We are bringing State of the Art AI onto the OVER Metaverse. We will create intelligent agents that will animate OVER Avatars who will be able to interact with their natural language. Owners of the OVRBrains will be able to easily customize the behavior of their agents, with no coding skills required.

Renting Smart Contracts: We will release Renting Smart Contracts and interfaces. Currently, users can “only” buy and sell OVRLands. It will soon be possible to rent OVRLands, thus maximizing OVRLand accessibility, and creating a new revenue stream for owners.

Unity SDK Alpha 0.0.2 – Logic and If Statements: The procedure for publishing your projects is made easier: you can publish content directly from Unity, without having to export and re-import them elsewhere. Also included is the reorganization of the old OvrModSystem that now works with nodes and introduces logics to allow for the creation of dynamic experiences. Refer to our previous blog post for more information: https://www.overthereality.ai/blog/over-unity-sdk-alpha-update/.

Move NFT in Space Standard: Integration of 3D Rigged NFT controls on the OVER App. The release of a standard to create compatible 3D Rigged Assets. NFTs minted following the standard will be automatically integrated and can be controlled through the app. Refer to the guidelines using this link: https://docs.overthereality.ai/over-control-my-nft-guidelines/.

OVER Maps Fly Through: SOTA AI Algorithms allow using the raw data gathered with Map2Earn to create beautiful virtual drone flights through videos of the mapped OVRLands.
And this is just the beginning!

App UX Improvements: Restyling of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) aiming to facilitate navigation through the OVER App and web.

Combine Multiple OVRLands: Multiple NFTs can be turned into an NFT container allowing you to sell all of them at once, in bulk, as wrapped NFTs on the OVER Marketplace.

Single Experience on Multiple Adjacent OVRLands: Create more memorable experiences! You will be able to publish experiences that span across multiple OVRLands. OVRLands must be adjacent to one another to use this feature.

Unity SDK Alpha 0.0.3 – Logic and If Statements: The new release will include: support for Map2Earn maps, occlusion on AR experiences, publishing of larger experiences on multiple adjacent OVRLands, Chroma Key Video Player, and more.

Map2Earn – Open Beta: With Map2Earn Alpha, we allowed 300 Alpha testers to try the functions of mapping and relocalization. With Map2Earn – Open Beta, these functions will be available for every user (OVRMap NFT minting is not enabled at this stage).

Real World Occlusion – Depth Awareness: Integration of occlusions aware AR content for IOS and Android. According to the user’s HW, the scenes will be aware of the surroundings and will be able to interact with occlusions such as walls, furniture, and people.

You can refer to our previous blog post regarding this feature:

Staking 3.0: Staking 3.0 will replace the previous Staking 2.0 version

The main differences are:

  • Reduced gas fees (Polygon): transaction fees will have a negligible impact;
  • Withdrawal of rewards during the capital lockup period;
  • A staking amount limit for each lockup tier pool;
  • Staking rewards will only be usable for primary market sales and platform costs;
  • Once the governance DAO is released, it will be possible to vote on Polygon, also with staked tokens.

Read more about it here: https://www.overthereality.ai/blog/over-compounded-staking-3-0/.

IPFS Hosting – Open Beta: Mirroring of 3D Assets from the OVER centralized databases to the IPFS master nodes. The IPFS structure ensures that assets are not dependent on OVER central servers.

Local and Remote Experiences: Each OVRLand will have two different kinds of content, a Local Experience accessible in AR by the users who are physically at the locations, and a Remote Experience that can be accessed anywhere with AR and VR.

One Word DNS: Sale of ENS OVR subdomains that can directly link to OVRLand contents.

Avatar AI Integration: Integration of OVRBrains with Avatars; AI Avatars will be unleashed onto the OVER Metaverse.

Avatar AI Training/Personalization: Dedicated area where users will be able to initialize and train their OVRBrains NFTs.

Live Events Desktop Broadcaster – Full-Body Motion Tracking Webcam: Upgrade of Live Events Desktop Broadcaster that integrates full body tracking directly from the webcam. You’ll be able to teleport your full body into the metaverse even without a motion tracking suit.

Unity SDK Alpha 0.0.4 – Tokens Integration: New Unity SDK Alpha version enables the inclusion of an OVR Token payment module in the SDK.

New Marketplace: Physical stores often get renovated. This also applies to our OVRLands Marketplace. That’s why we are currently working on a new interface for the Marketplace, making it aesthetically better and more intuitive. 

In addition to buying and selling OVRlands, the New Marketplace will allow you to access:

  • Assets;
  • Dresses;
  • Mappings from Map2Earn;
  • Lands-domain names;
  • OVRBrains;

We will be adding more features. Stay tuned for future news.

Map2Earn – Open to All Users – Production NFT Minting: Map2Earn will be open to all the OVER Community. OVER Mappings will be minted and become NFTs.

Map2Earn Incentivization – Open to Map: Through the creation of the Open to Map Interface, users and OVER will be able to post bid offers for their mappings creations. 

AR Games Templates: Implementation of the Unity SDK game templates to facilitate game development on the OVER Metaverse.

Incentivized IPFS Hosting – Open to All Users: Full migration of 3D Assets from the OVER centralized databases to the IPFS master nodes. IPFS Node Operators and Stakers will earn OVR Tokens for their services.

Polygon Governance DAO: Deployment of a governance DAO on Polygon with voting power assigned to OVRLand Owners and OVR Tokens Holders.

AR Collectibles and Experiences Shared State: NFTs visualized through the OVR App will become shared experiences. If you play with a Digital Dog, a Sandbox asset, or other integrated NFT characters and assets, other users in the same OVRLand will see those in the same way they see your avatar. 

AR Experience Persistence: AR Experiences will become state machines, as they will keep the memory of past interactions and changes.

P2P Avatar and Experiences – Concurrency Scaling: New scaling infrastructure for Live Events based on a Peer-2-Peer communication system. This action allows us to scale Live events beyond what can be achieved with centralized servers.

Premium Hosting Service – Inference: Introduction of monetization for the owners of OVRMaps used for relocalization inference.

AR Games NFT Asset Publishing: Interface to mint NFT AR games. This makes it possible to anchor those to OVRLands, creating geolocalized NFT AR games.

Avatar AI Voice Cloning: Addition of AI Avatar voice personalization and cloning.

Staking 4.0: The version includes new staking smart contracts that allow voting for preferred IPFS nodes.